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In this project, I focused on making a dynamic, texture changing object. I used Maya 2019, Unreal Engine 4.25, Photoshop 2020, and Substance Painter. Before I show my process, this is my final project:

Wall art shown in this project are:

Drawing Of A Present To Queen Victoria Of Shanhae ( Shanghai) Chickens by John Short

Engraving of "Baptism of Pocahontas" by John G. Chapman. Engraved by Charles Burt "Sheep and Goats Resting on a Riverbank" by Henri De Beul

The music is "Danse of Questionable Tuning" by Kevin MacLeod and can be heard at:

 I decided to base my main object on the painting "Still-Life with an Aquamanile, Fruit, and a Nautilus Cup" by Willem Kalf. I wanted my transition to show an evil entity escaping the aquamanile, like a genie escaping a bottle. I wanted to have a small, but story-filled room to be the set for the aquamanile. I made my scene based on a middle class Victorian English drawing room.

The basic story of the scene is that an English excavator finds this pristine aquamanile abroad in the Netherlands, brings it back home, and realizes that belongs to an evil goat-like entity.


The first thing I did was create the aquamanile. I created the model and two textures, the original, plain texture and the evil texture.

Next, I created the aquamanile transition. I wanted to make it look like it originates from the eye of the goat.

I then made all of my particle effects in cascade. I knew I wanted a glowing ashes to  l escape my aquamanile. I also wanted fire for my fireplace and rain to set an eerie mood.

Next, I built my scene with environment assets I created in Maya 2019. I also added lighting.


Finally, I added environment asset materials:

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