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Astro Nautical is a space themed fishing game created for Savannah's 2021 Game Jam. I worked with Jelly Jam, a sub group of Jelly Frog Digital, as an environment and prop artist. This game was created in 48 hours!

This is an image of assets I've created for this game:


Development Team:

Nathan "Zewei" Malota- Project Management, Lead Designer, Music Production

Alexander Hawkins- Lead Programming, Game Design

Naomi Masterson- Art Direction, Environment and Prop Art

Savannah Shuff- Character Art and Design

Jamie Zerillo- Environment and Prop Art

Collin Drilling- Environment and Prop Art

Madelin Ahren- Character Concept Art, Rigging, Animation

Vinh Pham- Programming, Item Description Writing

Christina Spicer- Environment and Prop Art

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