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I created a bento box based off of the characters and art style of Animal Crossing! All aspects of the 3D model were created by me. Music is the New Horizons Main Theme, created by Nintendo EAD. Animal Crossing is owned and created by Nintendo EAD and I am not affiliated with them. The project was created as fan art, and I have not financially profited off of it in any way.

This project was created with Maya 2019, Photoshop 2021, Procreate, and Unreal Engine 4.27.


To begin my process, I made notes on what characters I could make, what foods I could make them into, and an idea for the project's arrangement.


Next, I created stickers and designs to put on my bento box! I did this through Procreate, then I exported these into Substance Painter to add them onto the physical model.

I moved onto the 3D models. I started with the largest models, then moved on to the smallest. This allowed me to make sure I have enough room for all of the ideas and kept me from back-tracking. The final model is 92,135 faces.

 I also created my textures through Substance Painter. As a fun fact, the "Scarlett O." label is a nod to my little brother and sister, who helped me with ideas for this project!

As a fun final touch, I thought it would be cute to edit my project into Animal Crossing!

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