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To reinforce my topology skills, I decided to recreate the famous statue by Michelangelo, David. I wanted to recreate the statue with a heavy lense of wealth, So I infused the marble statue with gold and amethyst.

This project was created using Nomad, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Marmoset.

I began with a mood board. I wanted this project to have a luxurious feel, so I went with a very famous and beautiful statue as my base, a color scheme on purple, gold and white, and crystal, gold, and marble materials. Below is a list of my references and their artists.

Brandon B. or @iammaskarade inspired me for the original concept with this piece

Javad Rajabzade and their work, "Cursed Skull"

lanaraeispink's PastelAlienShop and their product "Geode quartz crystal David Statue"

Freed's Bakery and their product, "Amethyst Geode Birthday Cake"

Mac Lab Bakery and their product, "GEODE COLLECTION"

Devin Montes and their work, "What's in David's Mind?"

Ash Bush and their product, "geode limited edition calligraphy pen"

"Celestial," background music of the video by Scott Buckley –

I started from this photogrammetry model from Scan the World on To edit this model, I brought it into Nomad and started distressing and breaking it vial boolean edits, such as trims and splits. To edit the sculpt further, I heavy used move and masking tools to get the final product I wanted. I then brought this sculpt into Maya to create game-friendly topology. Shown is my base model. Later, I placed crystals on this model. My geometry for this base was 5,655 faces.

I then baked normals from the original sculpt onto this new model and created my crystals. I placed these crystals onto the original mesh via the paint script tool. My final model, with crystals, was 24,980 faces. My final model has two mesh maps, one for the base and the other for the crystals.

I brought my model into Substance Painter to create my textures. When necessary, I would bring the exported images into Photoshop to edit them further.

Finally, I brought my model and texture sets into Marmoset for lighting and rendering.

Screenshot (57).png
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