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This piece is a spin on spontaneous human combustion and tortured spirits. The room is a decrepit home from the 1890's, I used Maya 2019, Unreal Engine 4.5, Photoshop 2020, and Substance Painter for this project. 

All work except the character model and music was created by me. The character model was created by RenderPeople on Turbosquid, and the music is St. James Infirmary by Louis Armstrong.

I worked this project around the gramophone, an asset I wanted to create for a while now. I decided to make a simple room corner piece for it.


I had to pose, delete extra polygons, and re-UV RenderPeople's asset. I re-UVed it so that my ghost material would move more naturally on top of it.


I created most of my textures in Substance Painter and edited them in Photoshop when needed. I brought all of my assets into Unreal 5.


I started working on my lighting, which was inspired by Resident Evil.


Lastly, I worked on my dust particle effect and animated via the sequencer for my video.

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