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None of the images below belong to me!


Through my work with TerraZero Technologies Inc., I'm excited to say I helped create NPCs and some environment art for this Decentraland partnership with CBS Ghosts! I am floored I was able to participate in this project, as CBS Ghosts in my favorite tv show running right now! For this project I used Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

I'd say the most unique part of this project was working within such tight limitations. As this game must be able to play on a web browser, our polygon count and texture resolutions had to be as small as possible to run well.

Click here to play!

More info about the project here!


I created all four NPCs shown below! I modeled, textured, rigged, and sourced animation for them. I also created two rooms: Thorfinn's room and the dining room.

What has to be my favorite part of this project, however, is receiving this video from one of the project art directors, "Noodle." This was my first project I worked on with TerraZero, and Noodle knew that my favorite character in Ghosts is Thorfinn. So when Noodle went to Comic Con and met Devan Long, he took this video!


Thank you so much Noodle and Mr. Long, you could never know how much this short clip has made me smile!

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