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I created my Kodama Forest project based off of the art style of Studio Ghibli and several objects of Japanese culture and Shintoism! All aspects of this project besides my Kodama animations and rig were created by me. The animations and rig were provided by Mixamo.

This project was created with SpeedTree, Maya 2019, Photoshop 2021, Procreate, and Unreal Engine 4.27.

I was inspired by this artwork, "East bridge," by Julia Kovalyova, "Fairy Falls" by Malik Fernandez, and by the Studio Ghibli film 'Princess Mononoke.'

For my concept, I wanted to make make my own version of Kodama (as there isn't a fixed design in Japanese folklore), and add some designs from Shintoism that I found particularly beautiful. I loved the classic red bridge, the torii, jizo statues, and small shrines, as you can see. I wanted to add some stylized japanese red maple trees, not only because of their vibrate coloring, but because I had one in front of my childhood home. Ever since I can remember, it has been my favorite tree!

First, I started creating plants in Speed Tree, as I wanted the layout of plants to affect my landscape building.

I then started to model in Maya:

I wanted to add some life to my piece, so I designed and created koi fish and my Kodama:

I then brought all my models in Substance Painter and textured them with design tips in this video by Stylized Station.


I then brought my models into Unreal and made my lighting.

I added my textures, animations, and took some beauty shots!

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