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I created a model of a motorcycle hearse, a vehicle I found very interesting, as it is quite rare and I've never seen a 3D model version of it. The exact model is a custom made hearse and a 2011 Harley Davidson Road King custom Trike. This model was made in Maya 2019 and is shown in Unreal Engine 4.25. The textures were done in Substance Painter.

Here is the model in Maya 2019. It's 110,509 Tris and 72,712 Quads.


Here is the model in Substance Painter. It has 7 different materials, which are: The casket, the hearse, the motorcycle, headlight, yellow side lights, break lights, and glass. The different headlights all have different materials so I could easily light them separately in Unreal. The resolution of the textures were 2048 pi.

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