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I started this project as an experiment, as it had many 'firsts' for me. This was my first time doing texture animation, in-depth foliage creation, imitation of a real-life place, and waterfall particles. The outcome was this, Mushroom Mansion!


I created this using Unreal Engine 4.25.1, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Maya 2019, and Photoshop 2020. The music used is   by domo ( ) and the video first shown was made using Everything else was made by me!

I began by taking images and videos of my inspiration. I walked around the grounds, capturing it with multiple angles. I also took images of objects with repetitive textures (like the tiles and rocks). I edited the texture images with Photoshop to make them seamless and to create normal maps. Here are some examples:

Next, I blocked out the building and objects in Maya. The different colors indicate the different Unreal materials I used for things such as glass, and repetitive materials I created in Photoshop. The building itself is broken into six pieces to prevent the pixelation of the textures.

Here, I brought most of my models into Unreal:

And I started to do my more complex textures with Substance Painter and Designer:

I brought all by textures into Unreal. Then, I started to adjust the lighting maps, lighting, post processing, and fog.