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This is a recreation of the Livingroom shown in the movie Parasite, and is an Unreal 5.0 project using lumen and raytracing reflection technology! I worked on this project to practice matching camera, modeling from a camera, and, of course, playing with the brand new UE5 engine. This project was also created with Maya 2019, Photoshop 2021, and Substance Painter.

The wall art is Maya0513 by Seungmo Park, the creator of the original art depicted in the movie. The grass is from the "temperate Vegetation: Foliage Collection" by Project Nature. All other assets were created by me.


I based the camera match upon this image, as it is a very interesting establishing shot of the living room.


I, however, wanted to match the lighting closer to these two images.


I started by finding the camera's perspective. Then, I created simple blocks in Maya to roughly match some of the shapes (such as the floor, couches, and the dropped ceiling.) I make sure these shapes are roughly dimensional by comparing in to a cube that is human sized for UE. After much experimentation, I found that the camera roughly has an F-Stop of 5.6 and a focal length of 29. I also matched this camera information with a UE cinematic camera.


I then created my materials in Substance Painter and imported the models into UE.


I used raytracing to allow for soft light edges and to create more depth by adding ambient occlusion. It's also used for all of my glass within the scene.

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