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This is Project Pulse, a procedurally generated beat-them-up game being developed by our group, Jelly Frog Digital. This was our senior thesis project, and we have plans to continue its development.

 For this project, I've mainly been doing environment assets and lighting, though I've also been helping with minor rigging and animation for enemies. Project Pulse is still in development.

If you want to be kept up on our game's progression, visit or considering following Jelly Frog Digital's Twitter at

Our game has won the Entelechy 2021 award for Game Sound and is a Rookies draft selection and finalist for the 2021 Console and PC Game of the Year award!


Project Team:

Nathan "Zewei" Malota- Project Management, Lead Designer, Music Production

Alexander Hawkins- Lead Programming, Game Design, UX Design

Naomi Masterson- Art Direction, Environment and Prop Art

Claire Rodriguez- Technical Art, Game Design, Programming

Savannah Shuff- Character Art and Design

Jamie Zerillo- Environment Art, Texture Art

Collin Drilling- Environment and Prop Art, Weapon Design

Madelin Ahren- Concept 

Christina Spicer- Environment and Prop Art, Lighting Design

These are some in-game examples of some of the work I've done!


Here is the Jamford Highschool and JellyFrog Soda Shop assets that I modeled, UV'ed, setdressed, decaled, and lit. Depicted within the game:

soda shop.JPG

Here are some examples of in-game and promotional lighting I worked on:


Here is a compilation of many of the assets I modeled and textured:

Here is an example of some of the rigging and animation I worked on. This is the idle animation for the boss.


Finally, here is a compilation of my set-dressing and lighting, all of which was within blueprints:

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