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I wanted to explore a relatively new program, called Nomad, and its portable sculpting abilities. To do this, I decided to model one of the most copied 3D pieces in the world, the Nefertiti Bust. I wanted to explore by creating both new and old versions of the bust.

I made these sculpts into a game-ready assets through making retopology in Maya 2019 and creating textures in Substance Painter. I showed off my working by bringing everything into Unreal Engine.

Nomad is interesting to me, its pretty lightweight, easy to use, and portable. I was surprised how well my quite old ipad handled this program. I wouldn't say its a one-to-one match to Zbrush, but my is it worth its weight in gold! I'm excited to create more with it.

Below shows my modeling process and my final products from the app:

New Final Sculpt

Old Final Sculpt

Of course exporting these models shows that they are very high-poly, so to make these game-ready, I brought them into Maya and started creating retopology. I was able to bring the number of faces down from 1,089,092 faces to 4,184. To keep some level of the original models' details, I created baked normals.


I then brought my new model into Substance Painter and started by painting my new model textures. It's easier to start at a new look, as damage and time can be created with new layers and textures.


I brought everything into Unreal and creating my lighting. Shown are my beauty shots:


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