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I created this project in my very first Game Art class, seen in this first video. The project's concept revolved around the Titanic if it was recreated and turned into an underwater resort. This was made using Maya 2018-2019, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, and Photoshop 2019.

Later on, I revisited this project!

Upon reviewing this old project, I found a lot of technical problems, like the terrain tiling, camera work, volume post processing, etc, etc. However, the concept itself is really interesting, and I felt it would be a great topic to recover and to prove I could successfully do an underwater project.


First, I created new models. This time around, I wanted to focus more on a coral reef to surround the Titanic. So, I started working on rocks, coral, and fish.


After most of my models were done, I started building my scene. I built the cave for framing purposes and placed my Titanic model, I used Unreal's built-in foliage placer to create a coral reef that was more randomized. I spot cleaned the reef from there.

I then started working on the new post processing and fog for the scene. The color scheme was incredibly important to me; I feel like the lack of color scheme in my last version really hindered me. I also wished to pull the viewers' eyes to the Titanic by framing it with the cave and transitioning the lighting from dark to light using the fog.


I edited the Titanic further by adding an emissive map to its material to make the windows glow (instead of using Unreal's point lights like earlier.)


Finally, I added lighting, particle effects, and a caustic effect through decals. I created a particle effect to emulate bio luminescent algae on the rocks and in the water. Through the lighting and effects, I wished to create a realistic, yet "lost world" feeling.

Here is my final video! I made it loop-able as the final product reminded me a fish screen-

saver, and I feel it adds to its tranquility. 

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